REFILWE artreach is an ongoing fine art workshop project.

REFILWE artreach is an ongoing fine art workshop project taking place for the first time ever at BBT; a longer term project (approximately 3 years moving forward) that has recreational importance and relevance to the province. The greater ambition is to assist in self confidence in children, art jobs as well as being role player to the Africa Regeneration which started in 2009. From 2013 the project has produced approximately fifty one technical and inclusive art workshops. The initial proceedings of the concept are still focused at BBT (Bloemfontein, Botshabelo and Thaba-Nchu) areas. These three landscapes have a recognizable high unemployment rate, uninformed violence and substance abuse, creative blame passing, and affect a majority of the population.

The situation has come to be an ongoing and an assumed norm to the unmotivated youth and an obstacle to sustainable development, especially in sports, recreation, arts and culture. Dikaletsa is intervening on importance of art making skills and development, also we are reviving the art entrepreneurial disconnection back in position for those artists struggling post- graduation, focused at Free State at this point, also including young artists making attempts to maintain practice irrespective of the challenges. Dikaletsa once again wishes to continue giving first workshop opportunities to women, children and adults in totality.


  • To provide a collective contribution to South African educational projects.
  • To provide visual art making skills to aspiring artists and school learners.
  • To provide marketing competitiveness for both the artists in terms of modern day advertising - project's website, artwork listings on Refilwe Artreach website and newsletter mailing lists, and also an exhibition catalogue which artists can utilize as a portfolio.
  • Building a network of artists from one generation to the other in order to uplift the creative spirit and acknowledgement by arranging special interaction encounters between the experienced artists and the new emerging artists.
  • Influence an affordable art and progressive education system in order to reduce inequity.
  • To increase outcomes by setting Terms and Conditions for employment forms, complaints and filing systems and through request/feedback forms.
  • Influence co-facilitators to give thorough inputs by positive criticism on different outcomes.
  • To increase equality in public knowledge on art as a profession.